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Our Philosophy

At Hungry for Wine, we believe that wine is more than just a beverage—it’s a story in a bottle, waiting to be shared. Each wine carries the essence of its terroir, the dedication of its makers, and the spirit of its region. We are committed to uncovering these stories and presenting them in a way that is informative, accessible, and engaging.

Meet Liyana Parker

Our lead writer and editor, Liyana Parker, is a fervent wine lover and a certified sommelier. Her journey into the world of wine began with a simple curiosity that grew into a profound passion, leading her to vineyards across continents. Liyana’s approach blends rigorous study with a genuine enthusiasm for wine culture. Through her expert insights and friendly narrative, she seeks to connect with readers, empowering them to deepen their understanding and appreciation of wine.

What We Offer

  • Regional Spotlights: Dive into detailed explorations of renowned wine regions, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the rugged landscapes of the Napa Valley.
  • Pairing Guides: Learn how to match wines with food like a pro. Our pairing guides help you enhance flavors and elevate your dining experiences.
  • Tasting Mastery: Develop your palate with our tips on tasting techniques, understanding wine labels, and selecting the right glassware.
  • Wine Education: From beginner basics to advanced topics, our educational articles are designed to build your knowledge and confidence in wine selection and enjoyment.